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Fandom Bouquet is the section dedicated to fan culture, media commentary, reviews, and basically anything that relates to fictional narratives or enjoying other people’s art. I have a couple of ongoing projects there, most of which started by accident.

  • 100 Things I Learned by Writing Fanfiction is an ongoing blog series about my experiences in fan culture and how they have helped me become a better person and a better writer. It’s on hold right now because I realized that a lot of my post topics apply to any fiction and would work better as general writing posts.
  • One Fat Woman’s Defense of the Disney Princess started as a response to a post on another blog. It’s become the most popular content here and gets about 500 hits per day. I’m looking for ways to continue that discussion and provide relevant follow-up content. I have to confess though, I’m a little bit mystified about the level of interest.
  • Redefining Disability: A Discussion of Pop Culture, Media, and Changing Perceptions was an offshoot of the Disney Princess post that took on a life of its own. It’s a little different than the other Fandom Bouquet stuff because I’m trying to make it interactive, so it also falls under the heading of Community. It’s the main thing I’m doing in Fandom Bouquet right now, and I plan to keep it going as long as there’s interest/relevant topics to cover.
  • A Lyrical Alphabet is an interactive music rec game we play here.  Check it out and join the fun!
  • Reviews —I mainly review nonfiction right now, but there are a few movie and television reviews.
  • 8 Confessions of A Star Wars Fan
  • Other Fannish Musings—I’m too much of a fangirl to categorize all my fannish musings neatly. Star Wars, Dune, Stargate SG-1, He-Man, and lots of other fictional worlds creep into my posts here no matter what else I’m talking about. If you want to sample the craziness, check out the Fandom Bouquet category.


Fandom Bouquet is a project I started in 2009. I envisioned it as a weekly blog featuring commentary on fan culture, my thoughts on specific fandoms (including music, games, television, film, and literature) and things I’d gained from my experiences as a member of online fan communities over the years.

My health took a turn for the worse, and it became more of a monthly blog than a weekly one. After some thought, I’ve decided that the organization features on WordPress will help a lot in managing my fandom related content.

Stories are important to me, whether they are stories that I’ve written or stories that others have created and allowed me to enjoy. Fandom and fan culture are important to me because I see them as vibrant, relevant aspects of our larger Western super culture. I see fan work as an expression of a very primal human desire to create, share, and interact with larger-than-life stories and heroes. Fan culture resonates with me as a reemergence of oral tradition, and it showcases the remarkable impact that story can have on individuals and on communities. I see an incredible vitality in the way that fan culture treats story as an organic, constantly growing and changing, continually relevant experience.

On a more personal level, I’m inspired by the way that books, movies, games, and television shows can act as the common ground that brings people from so many different walks of life together. Internet fandom has been a big part of my life since the early 2000’s, and several of my closest friends are people that I originally met through my involvement in fandoms we shared.

Under the Fandom Bouquet heading, you will be able to find reviews and commentary, discussions and articles based on my experiences creating fanart in various media, and other topics of interest.

You can check out a complete list of upcoming topics here.

If you have a request or an idea, feel free to drop me a line.


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