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Twitter: @RoseFblog This is a brand-new account, and there’s not much there yet. Beginning this summer, I hope to use it to retweet interesting content from fellow bloggers and writers. (As a compliment to my Interesting Post Round Ups here.) If you’re interested in updates on my own content, follow me here on WordPress.


Facebook: Rose B. Fischer Follow my Facebook page for content updates and cool shares from writers I love like Anne Rice and Maya Angelou, as well as geeky stuff from the 80s and 90s.

Tumblr: Rose B Fischer: The Side Notes.  Follow my tumblr for brain food and extra stuff that didn’t quite make it into the posts on this blog.  Lots of graphic goodies too!


Pinterest: My Pinterest boards are full of visuals for my stories, possible images I want to use here on WordPress and my obsessions with the 1920s, Disney, and Indian fashion. They’re mainly just a collection of crap that distracts me.  Follow them at your own risk.


Share The Memories

Digital Design is my favorite hobby and over the past few years I’ve started making custom greeting cards.  My Memories Suite is a good alternative if you lack one of the more costly programs like Photoshop and only want to do digital scrapbooking or make cards.  My code will get you a $10 discount.

Use code
STMMMS69181 at checkout.Rose Meets World

Rose Meets World


  • Part-time Monster, Sourcerer, and The Writing Catalog are the personal and collaborative blogs of Diana and Gene’O Gordon, which I read daily and always seem to be inspiring new conversations.
  • Suzie Speaks is another thought-provoking blog that I read regularly. Suzie’s posts have inspired some good ones here too.
  • Chris Musgrave is a writer I met during Zero-to-Hero in January 2014.  I love his flash fiction and he publishes writing tips on his Tip Top Tuesday feature.
  • Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom is the professional site of independent scholar Natacha Guyot. Natacha and I have several that collaborative projects in the Star Wars fandom that will take us the rest of our lives to complete.
  • Things Matter is a history blog by my friend and longtime collaborator Hannah Givens.  Just about everything I post here is related to her blog in some way, but it’s never intentional.

For Mental Health Information
**This list is long overdue and far from complete. Check back for updates.


You can check out a complete list of upcoming topics here.

If you have a request or an idea, feel free to drop me a line.

  • You can leave a comment on this page.
  • You can use the contact form
  • You can shoot me a message on one of the social media pages listed above.RBF_logobevel


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